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my work on other people's walls

"Over the years, some of the people who have bought my work have been kind enough to send me photos of it in situ and tell me a bit about why they bought it. I am very grateful to them for agreeing to share those pictures and thoughts with me here."

collection of paintings by David Cobley

Clockwise from top left: What!, Spilt Milk, In Bits, Enough, In Grey, Susie

"I was immediately drawn to Spilt Milk, not just because it's a stunning composition, but it made me reflect on unfinished business.  A reminder that mistakes/accidents do happen, and that in many situations can be easily rectified, if we are willing."

'B' from Birmingham

collection of paintings by David Cobley

Points of View, Ecco Homo and Cleaning

"We loved the quality of the paintings and wanted to display them as a modern interpretation of a triptych as both a contemplation and conversation piece. To us, we see Jesus as the Christ figure standing in the gap between the two speakers on the one side and encouraging us to carry out the hard work of cleaning society’s wounds on the other.  We’ve hung them in the dining room and look forward to hearing other views when guests join us for a meal." 

Mike and Kirsty from Devizes

collection of paintings by David Cobley

Interconnected, alongside plates by Grayson Perry and Gilbert and George

'I grew up looking at a Lowry on my parents wall.  When I saw Interconnected in 2021 it both reminded me of my childhood plus summed up London at the time - the usual zombies everywhere on their phones but now with accompanying Covid masks!'

Mr J, Covent Garden

collection of paintings by David Cobley

Study for A Kind of Equilibrium

"Very emotive and rather sad. To me it shows a couple in love who have become disconnected because they have been unable to communicate. They seem lonely and unhappy." "It will be resolved!"

V. & C. from Cornwall

collection of paintings by David Cobley

Between Rounds, Jack Johnson, The Revolutionary, Shopping, The Pink Gloves, Behind the Scenes

"Shows the brutality and beauty of life."

ML & T from Walsall

two paintings by David Cobley at the top of some stairs

Really Looking and A Bit Like Damien Hirst

D, North London

a painting by David Cobley above a radiator

"I saw this fairly large (36” X 36”) version of “By Themselves” at the Bath Society of Artists Open Exhibition. It was at one end of a long room and from the my first sighting from far end of the room I knew that I had to have it. It’s a beautifully painted work and seems to evoke the sense of a very good friendship that has developed much unhappiness. On the opposite wall to it’s placing in my home is a large mirror, so as l enter the room I see a reflection of this great work and am then treated to seeing the real thing when I’ve got into the room. David’s works often feature an object offered in detail and in this piece it’s the left ear! I never tire of looking at it after all these years."

G. Abbott, Bath

a large still-life painting by David Cobley in his studio kitchen

"This is the little kitchen in my studio. The painting hung in my daughter's coffee shop in Bath for a few years, then at a delicatessen in Corsham for a few more. I've grown quite attached to it, so I think I'm going to hang on to it myself now."

David Cobley 

If you would like your collection to feature on this page please email me with photos and a few words about it.

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