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David has been a keen observer of people all his life, recording and interpreting his observations in drawings, paintings and writing. He has had solo exhibitions in Bath and London, and his portraits hang in the National Portrait Gallery as well as in public and private collections around the world.

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David organising his studio sale

After a foundation year at Northampton he went on to Liverpool College of Art to study painting, but dropped out after just one term. In his twenties he spent almost ten years in Japan, funding a three-year course at Sophia University by teaching English as a foreign language. He returned to the UK as an illustrator with his young family, painting portraits of friends and family in his spare time. Since those early days he has painted people from all walks of life and had solo exhibitions in Bath and London. He set up Bath Artists' Studios in 1996 and had a studio there for many years before moving to Devizes, where he now lives and works.

"Anyone can draw - it's ideas that matter. Have you got anything to say, and is it worth saying?"

Eddie Phillips, art teacher Wellingborough Grammar School

Among Friends
Ken Dodd National Portrait Gallery


Seated Figure


The Widcombe Studio


Spilt Milk



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